Hay fever

I shall be giving a talk at Eighteen Rabbit, the fair trade shop in Hay-on-Wye, to coincide with the book festival currently in progress. All are welcome, with free wine and nibbles on hand - and copies of the book available to buy! ...
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The London Cornish

On Saturday 14 October Bruce Johns gave a talk to the London Cornish Society at Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church. Around forty people attended, of whom several had antecedents called Johns. Seven copies of The Dancer and the Drum were sold and an invitation was extended to speak about the second book when it is published. Needless to say the pasties were magnificent ...
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A new voice in the Marches

No party, no public announcement: Pickhatch Press is born with the minimum of fuss, the launch of its website a truly modern nativity. For a few weeks it will be that strangest of contradictions, a publisher without books. But the running sheets of our first title are due at the start of September, a last chance to spot mistakes in the printing before the pages are bound.  That makes October the likeliest date for the appearance of The Dancer and the Drum. The leaves may be falling, the sap closing down, but this is one place where autumn and new ...
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