With any kind of writing, fiction or non-fiction, there are out-takes which did not make the final cut or further thoughts upon the subjects covered. Some of this material is presented here to thank you for reading a Pickhatch title or tempt you into trying one of our books.

In The Dancer and the Drum by Bruce Johns,

The D and The D front cover_mid

In The Dancer and the Drum by Bruce Johns, the author considers different approaches to writing about hisfamily’s past. Should he stick to what is known, however limited at times, or plug the gaps with imagination? Here he describes one airing of this dilemma that did not make the final cut.

With these questions proving difficult to resolve, we take a short holiday in Suffolk. It was planned months ago, to put the winter behind us, but now seems timely for a different reason. I have grown jaded with research, and with the self-imposed discipline of not strayingfar from the facts. The open skies and scouring winds of the east coast will clear my mind and sharpen the choices confronting me. . .

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