About Us

To thy manor of a pickt-hatch, go

Initially, at least, Pickhatch is an outlet for the writing of Bruce Johns, more details of which can be seen here. To many authors, traditional publishing is a closed shop, rejection of one’s manuscript almost a badge of honour. But going it alone too often involves reliance on electronic platforms together with pricing pressures that devalue the written word. Pickhatch stands outside the mainstream yet remains committed to the book as physical object, no less satisfying to possess than it can be life-changing to read.

If this makes us an outlier in industry terms, something similar can be said of our location near the border between England and Wales. On the edge of things in both senses, we hope to reflect the best of the Marcher mindset: rooted in place but hard to pin down and open to more than one way of looking at the world.

As for what Pickhatch means, it has two derivations: a place name close to where we are based, and the old word for a half-door poised, like the act of writing, between inwardness and disclosure. The quote above is a tease, worth pursuing for its highbrow and low-life connections, both of which we intend to honour.